Near My Home, Two Signs…

Near my home, two road signs make me smile each day…

so I wrote poem for each of them:


Duck Crossing

Tracking tidily across a neat tilted square

(bright yellow as a bath time duck)

is a  family of black (perfect picture book) ducks –

waddling happily against a backdrop

of bare branches and blue sky,

oblivious of  cars and buildings –

A duck crossing sign,

near my home,  putting a skip in my step

each day…


one Love

One Love

Who changed this sign


Shifting letters so perfectly that we look twice

to make sure that we are seeing it correctly…

Who knew that it would lift our hearts

on misty mornings

or make us laugh out loud

 on sunny afternoons?

Who changed this sign that greets us

at this crossing each day?

And who decided to leave it this way?


© Anita Patel, 2017



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