Just when we needed her most…

This year Spring marched into our city in a blaze of glory. It’s as if she had the date penned  in huge letters in her diary with a garland of flowers around it.  Some years she’s a few days or even weeks late—arriving in a flurry of damp skirts and brisk breeze. But this year she’s here right on time, drenched in the heady scent of wattle and freesias, flaunting her best pink and white frocks on a day of pure sunshiny bliss.

Undeterred by lockdown restrictions and a general sense of doom, she whirls around doing her thing—warming the soft air with blossom fragrance, stitching new leaves on bare branches, popping out of the earth in daffodil yellow and herb green, placing a mother swan neatly on a nest of reeds.

The last days of winter may still be hovering but Spring has made a red carpet entrance just when we needed her most.

© Anita Patel, 2021

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