Life in Isolation: Closing my Takeaway Cafe…

Now that life in isolation is coming to an end and cafes and restaurants are opening again, I bid farewell to my own little café / kitchen which provided takeaway meals for my aged in laws. I have always been a foodie and when I was much younger and a little bit delusional, I thought it might be fun to run a quirky little café.

CI 192

Luckily, for everyone in my life, reality kicked in and my MasterChef aspirations went up in a puff of smoke. But this odd time has brought strange opportunities – my parents in law (who are in their eighties) needed meals delivered to their home. We could not take them out for meals (or even visit them as a couple) and it wasn’t safe for them to get takeaway food.

I became a chef in my own kitchen and my husband, Scott, became the food delivery service. The challenge of cooking tasty food and presenting it as a restaurant meal was an entertaining challenge and allowed me to indulge my youthful fantasy of running that zany little restaurant.

Over the past weeks I have enjoyed planning and designing little menus for these elderly customers.

The first meal of corned beef and vegetables was actually cooked by my daughter, Tarla, who also prepared some ginger kisses.

I packaged the meal for delivery and so began my takeaway kitchen.


My business is closed now but it was fun while it lasted…

© Anita Patel, 2020

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      1. Yeah, I deleted it a while ago and replaced it with a private one which I use just for uni as a digital diary for my project.


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