Life in Isolation: Desperate times… exercising in a shopping mall…

Life in isolation is often a time for thinking out of the box— a desperate time calling for desperate measures.

Our daily exercise is a long walk and the autumn weather has been very considerate until last week. This always happens in our city. We are lulled into complacency by mellow golden days when suddenly a gusty, biting wind blows in bringing cold grey rain. Normally on days like this, I walk in the gym or we go to the National Gallery and wander around some gorgeous art but those options are closed to us now.

Then a brainwave – let’s walk around the Canberra Centre!  We hit the Canberra Centre in our trackies and runners – ready to leave if there are crowds of people.

The place is completely deserted— and just like that a shopping mall becomes our walking track. We set off on at a cracking pace and cover every corner of all three levels. I find things I’ve never seen before like the Manager’s Office.

We finish a 5km walk in record time and head home for tea.


It’s pretty eerie inside a usually bustling mall and the scenery on this indoor walk leaves a lot to be desired but needs must…

CI 176

Tomorrow it will be fine again and we can set off in soft sunshine and enjoy the beautiful view…


© Anita Patel, 2020


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