Life in Isolation: Rabbits roam free…

In the bright light of afternoon we walk across our city – over Kings Avenue Bridge and along the bike path to East Basin. We often do this walk in busier times – avoiding joggers and cyclists. Today it is disconcertingly quiet. The rabbits seem to have got the memo about Covid-19 because they have come out to play in this new land where human beings have almost disappeared.  It doesn’t take long for animals to sniff out the stillness.

DSC_0871My cousin, Stan, recently posted photos of otters chilling out in some of the busiest places in Singapore and the English poet, Oz Hardwick, posted a glorious little video of a fox leaping freely in the city streets of York on a Bank Holiday Saturday night.  At 3pm in the afternoon rabbits are out frolicking in open grassy spaces near the centre of our city.

DSC_0868I understand that these are feral animals and we should be appalled to see dozens of them romping happily by the lake but there’s something so irrepressibly joyful about the frisk and scurry of these small creatures.

DSC_0872These bunnies tumble me back into the picture book happiness of childhood – Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and naughty Peter, Brer Rabbit with his tricksy ways, the endearing cuteness of Thumper, those lively scenes on Bunnikins crockery.

Here they all are twitching and hopping in their own new story where rabbits roam free and people stay at home…

© Anita Patel, 2020


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