Life in Isolation: Ordinary Days in an Upside Down World

“Moon, plum blossoms,
this, that,
and the day goes.”
– Issa

This is a time to grieve for a lost world. A time of uncertainty, unrest, tears on pillows and heavy hearts. A time of mourning for the carefree way in which we made plans, hugged friends, held hands and ate together. A time of yearning for loved ones, a time of sorrow for our silent streets and empty cafes.

This is a time of wondering about the future – how will we rebuild our lives?

I do not want to belittle the genuine fear and misery that so many people face in this surreal and awful time but I started my blog (a few years ago) to take readers for a stroll into my ordinary world. That world has changed irrevocably but it is still filled with ordinary, tiny moments (countless minute stitches in the tapestry of life) – cups of tea, jugs filled with autumn leaves, birds in the garden, trials and triumphs in the kitchen, phone conversations with aged relatives, precious friendships, books, poems, the smell of baking, family letters, my beloved lake and wetlands.

These things and so many more are still here to bring hope and solace into an upside down world.

Welcome to haphazard fragments from this new chapter in my story: Life in Isolation…

© Anita Patel, 2020

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