Luminous Miracles: A Scatter of Perfect Moons on Autumn earth…

On a mat of bark and earth hidden in the dim shade of oak trees is a scatter of glorious toadstools erupting silently from a tangle of mysterious filaments beneath the slowly cooling Autumn earth.


The newest ones are as perfect as small milky moons. Silky pure white spheres – spattered with a metallic shimmer of incandescent indescribable colour – is it cerulean blue, sea green, sapphire, aqua or jade?


And older ones – tattered and frayed but still smudged with that unbelievable enamelled shine.


I walk among them in awe. Where have they come from – these luminous miracles?



Soon they will be gone and the ground will be dark once more… but somewhere deep in the rot and richness of cold soil – among roots and insects – are filaments of sky bright light…

© Anita Patel, 2017








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