Seaweed, Pebbles and Magical Rockpools: Haiku Homage to the Beach

The shallows –
a crane’s thighs splashed
in cool waves                   

(Matsuo Basho)

A weekend at the south coast tumbles us back to childhood and reminds us that the tapestry of life is embroidered with tiny (almost invisible) but perfect stitches.


In retirement there is time to relish everything: a ripple of crystal water over coloured stones, the way that a tangle of seaweed discloses the passage of time, clouds scudding across the blue sky, a swirling foam of sapphire and white around craggy rocks and the magical worlds in rockpools.

As we make our way along a bush path to the beach we breathe in the healing fragrance of salt and eucalyptus, listen to the song of native birds and stop to marvel at a giant jewelled fly fixed like a gorgeous  brooch on a tree trunk.

And again, I remember (with pure gratitude) the beautiful Zen wisdom of my old friends, the haiku masters of ancient Japan, Basho, Issa, Buson, Chiyo and so many others…

So here is a small handful of haiku offerings in praise of a couple of days at the coast…

A salty tangle

of golden brown and bleached white

seaweed on warm sand


Translucent bubbles –

A bunch of tiny balloons

on sandy ribbon


Muddled pebbles washed

forever by crystal waves…

So many colours


Emerald and gold…

This jewelled fly is fastened

like a perfect brooch


Tentacles and stars…

Oh what magic worlds exist

in salt bright rockpools


© Anita Patel, 2017


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