Art by the Lake: Curious, Quirky and a little bit Magical…

Something a little bit magical has been happening on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin…

Our daily walk from the Kingston Foreshore to the National Gallery is now peppered with curious, quirky and sometimes quite marvellous works of art.


Some of them are on the green lawns of Bowen Park, some of them are on the lake’s edge and some have even made their way into the water.  Our usual stroll past ducks, swans, trees and parkland becomes a game.

When will we spot the next sculpture, installation or painting?


We laugh out loud at the Carp Diem plaque and mourn the mindless vandalism that has resulted in their broken tails.


What is the meaning of that square of wheat sheaves on the grass?


Why does this cherry red sculpture of twirls and angles make us smile with delight?


As we gaze at the view of water and sky we notice this heart lifting text:


I am not sure how our walk turned into an outdoor gallery but there is a part of me that does not want to know the reason or purpose of these fantastic and bizarre objects. It is enough to come upon a series of painted silhouettes or a woven rowing boat or a group of surreal creatures, knee deep in lake water, and to feel the inexplicable joy of children receiving unexpected gifts.


© Anita Patel, 2016

3 thoughts on “Art by the Lake: Curious, Quirky and a little bit Magical…

  1. I had no idea these pieces existed Anita. You’ve intrigued me and how I want to see them. I assume they are are permanent? I remember walking around the ANU a few years ago down the end of Liversidge St and discovering some sculptures. What a great. Love public art like this.


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