Like a Human Heart…This Tree: Three Haiku for Winter and Spring…

This morning I walked along a row of white blossom trees flaunting their hectic beauty when suddenly  I caught sight of a cluster of dry, brown leaves hanging on among the snowy petals. This image tugged at my heart strings.


So here are three haiku to mark a moment, when I stopped short in my tracks, on a sunshiny Spring day and thought (like the Zen poets) about the beautiful sadness of things (mo no aware)…


haiku 1

Scraps of winter cling

doggedly on to the mad

white flurry of  Spring


 haiku 2

And on this Spring tree

remnants of dowdy Winter –

white petals, brown leaves


haiku 3

Like a human heart…

this tree holds fragments of drab

Winter and bright Spring



© Anita Patel, 2016

7 thoughts on “Like a Human Heart…This Tree: Three Haiku for Winter and Spring…

  1. All lovely Anita. But I particularly like the first one because winter sure does cling doggedly on, in the face of our yearning for mad spring! And of course I like the third one about our confused human hearts.

    BTW our Manchurian pears are almost all green. We went to Sydney on Friday and they were still in blossom and got back on Sunday and most of the blossoms had gone. They are so beautiful, but so fleetingly so.

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