Almost Spring: Cows, Pelicans and a Tint of New Leaves…

Spring is stepping gingerly into our world. She’s not quite ready to make a big entrance but  there is something especially delightful about her early forays into this winter worn city.  Our hearts lift at pure blue skies, luminous yellow clouds of coconut scented wattle, early daffodils and buds on trees. Eating breakfast on the terrace, I bask in the gentle warmth of lemon  sunshine and feel my body thaw and my spirits rise.

The handful of days that bridge the gap between frost hard winter and early spring are filled with precious moments:  a  flight of pelicans skimming over the lake or clowning at the edge,  cormorants spreading their wings to dry in the pale sunlight, ducks everywhere and a cheeky baby galah popping its pink head out of a hollow branch.

Just a short walk from hipster cafes and funky restaurants on the Kingston Foreshore we find ourselves in the Jerrabomberra Wetlands.  You can almost smell the espresso, from across the lake, in this bucolic and beautiful rural place.  We wander past paddocks of licorice cows, lumbering and lowing against the backdrop of Parliament House, ponds of waterbirds building their nests and a skitter of fairy wrens in the scrubby grass.

Further along our walk we come across a picture book paddle of geese boldly owning their own patch of the lake.

The first tiny leaves are starting to tint willow branches and there is a smattering of cerise blossom on bare twigs (a harbinger of gorgeous colour to come).  We return home to cups of tea and breathe in the fragrance of hope in a muddled posy of jonquils and wattle on the kitchen bench.

Tomorrow is  another glorious day of “almost Spring.”

© Anita Patel, 2016

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