Scattered colour and smudged light: Hello Autumn

In this city Autumn enters softly.  The mirror sharp glitter of summer days smudge slowly into a new subtle light.

I love the splash of butter yellow in green branches, the stain of honey and rose in the air and the deep crimson of slowly changing leaves.

The warmth of early afternoon shifts into cool evening, cockatoos and corellas clown raffishly in treetops  and twilight comes a bit sooner each day. The first scatter of bright leaves appears unexpectedly on pavements and verges. Later in Autumn we will scuff through vast drifts of copper and gold but for now we  enjoy these light falls of colour patterning our paths.

Now is the time for brisk walks on woodland tracks, past  berry studded hedges  and around the lake. I see that the cygnets born in late Spring are almost as big as their parents. The heat of summer lingers but our cheeks are brushed with the lacy edge of winter hovering in the wings.   Now is the time for soft scarves and light cardigans, for caramelising apples  and brewing a fresh pot of tea.

I fill a jug with twigs of bronze leaves and scarlet berries… it’s time to celebrate the arrival of a new season…


© Anita Patel, 2016

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