Leaf Prints on Concrete and New Mobile Phones

Moon, plum blossoms,
this, that,
and the day goes.
~ Issa

So the “this, that” of today included breakfast outdoors, a walk around the lake in soft summer sunshine and a piccolo espresso at my favourite cafe. The ducklings and cygnets of early spring have almost grown into adult birds, the willows dip their leaves into tea coloured water, fairy wrens hop and skitter and the bells of the Carillion sing their song from Aspen Island. On newly laid concrete paths are leaf prints, a delicate calligraphy of birds’ feet and the flat splat of a duck’s webbed toes – the rubber stamp of nature on this human thoroughfare.

Later in the day I organise a new smart phone for myself. Three young men help me set it up. They are infinitely patient and I am grateful for their kindness. I am also amazed at their skill. There is another woman (older than me) getting help with her phone. We laugh at our incompetence. We were born before homes had televisions and these boys have grown up with screens, keyboards and mysterious information filled clouds.

Retirement is a land in which we have time to notice leaf prints on concrete and laugh with strangers. It is a place in which we can acknowledge our limitations and allow the young to teach us how to navigate a changing world.

© Anita Patel, 2015

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