Teapots and Incense


The world of dew
Is a world of dew, and yet
And yet…
~ Issa

Hi, I’m Anita.
Thank you for taking a stroll into my ordinary world. ..
A world filled with tatters of poetry, glorious words, many cups of tea, all kinds of cake, ducks, swans and pelicans, jugs filled with daisies, autumn leaves, pails of sea water, scurrying toddlers, children’s chatter, babies, bath toys, trials and triumphs in the kitchen, shreds of conversation, precious friendships, quirky views on books, language, education, philosophy, restaurants, art, films, travel and lots of other random stuff …

So welcome to these haphazard fragments of my story … a story that is as fragrant and ephemeral as sandalwood incense drifting over our little courtyard garden and as fat and settled as the teapot that sits comfortably on my kitchen bench.

© Anita Patel, 2015


8 thoughts on “Teapots and Incense

  1. Hi Anita

    I just read ‘Narrow Road to the Deep North’ …it’s so strange how you’ll get hit by two Issa quotes, in different places, on the same day…

    I’d love to read you poem Women’s Talk but I can’t find it online. Would you consider posting it here?



    1. Hi Kik,
      Yes I think that Issa is my favourite haiku poet.
      “Women’s Talk” was published in a literary journal Block 9 in 2009. I will be putting a copy of it in a log on friendship that I am intending to write. I will probably photograph the poem from the journal in case of any issues with copyright. Thank you so much for reading my odd little pieces. I love sharing them with friends like you.
      Anita xx


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